Employee Scheduling

Scheduling System

Unlimited Number of Employee Schedules

The NOVAtime Scheduler is a complete scheduling feature that is designed to enable the creation and management of both permanent and temporary employee schedules and maintains the expected start and end times of various work shifts. Flexible scheduling options will allow your organization to create an unlimited number of schedule types, while features such as template schedules and schedule copying will save your supervisors time and help them ensure their resource requirements are met, day in and day out.

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Employee Scheduling Features

The NOVAtime system supports the creation and maintenance of an unlimited number of employee schedules. Supervisors can create schedules of varying lengths in the system, while employees can be assigned multiple schedules or no schedules as needed.

Various features in NOVAtime’s Scheduler will eliminate the repetitive tasks involved in employee scheduling. These features include:

  • Create, view, and edit schedules for an individual or a group of employees for any period of time
  • One-off schedules can be created with an assigned shift or independently for one or more employees
  • With NOVAtime, you can create the schedule one and copy it for the entire groups of employees.
  • Any shift with an identifiable cycle can be created in NOVAtime.
  • NOVAtime solutions support unlimited definitions of shift schedules, assignments, patterns, and rotation.
  • Split shifts? With NOVAtime, you can create up to five schedules per day per employee.

Organizations with existing scheduling software can import employee schedules into the NOVAtime system in a variety of formats, including CSV, XSL, and SDF, and automatic data import can be scheduled to run at defined intervals.