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NOVAtime Workforce Managment Solution

NOVAtime has designed the most advanced workforce management solution of its kind. Its open modular design easily shifts to accommodate a wide range of workflows and organizational changes. The user friendly platform accommodates an unlimited number of employees, pay rules, and pay codes. The convenient online portals are parameter-driven and offer employees, supervisors and administrators unique tools to get any job done efficiently.

Highly configurable dashboard

Highly configurable dashboard for supervisors and administrators that consolidates everything on a single screen, from employee data and daily processes, to systemS information and hardware statuses.

300+ 3rd party application

Interfaces with over 300 3rd party applications, including payroll/HR/ERP systems, eliminating double entry of shared information.

Solution for all businesses

Why Choose Our Software?

Effortlessly Control Configuration & Setup

With the NOVAtime Rules Setup module, you can quickly set up, modify, and track pay rules. These parameter-driven features give you full customization options.

  • Shift rules – scheduled start/end, meals, breaks, and premium parameters.
  • Policy rules – pay period definitions, overtime, punch rounding rules, etc.
  • Holiday rules – paid hours, scheduled day before/after qualifiers, prorate hours based on historical hours worked, etc.
  • Accrual rules – vacation, sick time, PTO, etc.
  • Pay matrix rules – complex shift differential and premium rules.
  • Point system rules – automation of attendance policies.

Workflow-Supporting Notifications

NOVAtime’s highly efficient platform lets you control workflow approval levels. It supports up to 10 approval steps, including a user delegation feature. This handy feature allows others to step in and perform tasks when the regular supervisor is unavailable or needs assistance.

Timesheet editing has never been this easy. Workflow enabled, NOVAtime, allows users to configure tailor-made workflow approval levels. Supervisors can contact employees by phone, email or text message whenever a timesheet needs special attention. This reduces the number of errors and discrepancies and ensures that employees will get paid correctly for the time they’ve worked. Other helpful notifications include offline data collection, changes in scheduling, and employee no shows.

Powerful Report Generator

With NOVAtime Reports, you can view a wide range of reports that contain employee information or system data. Choose your own categories and templates. This allows users to create many different types of reports that are fully customized.

System administrators can set up and pre-configure reports specifically for management. Regular users are limited to the types of information they can view or access. Once you have all your reports run, simply email them to designated supervisors or all system users. Everything is fully customizable and user friendly.

  • Over 150 pre-installed report templates that can be customized, saved, and published.
  • Report customization, filtering, and sorting capability.
  • Report output in PDF, Excel, RTF, HTML, or CSV.
  • Print preview option.

Fast, Accurate Timesheet Editing & Approval

Review, edit, and approve NOVAtime Timesheets with ease and accuracy. The supervisor’s dashboard allows quick corrections. Any employee punches or attendance anomalies are clearly displayed, decreasing the supervisor’s workload. Take all the stress out of timesheet editing and approval.

  • Audit log to track edits and adjustments.
  • Reason codes and notes to prevent or resolve disputes over data changes.
  • Retro-pay adjustments to prior pay periods.

User-Friendly Self-Service Portals

Since NOVAtime is web-based, all features are available in the cloud to payroll administrators, system administrators, employees and supervisors. This gives you the ability to manage your labor force on your own time and in the most convenient fashion.

We include self-service user accounts that are accessible using time clocks, mobile apps or a telephone. Self-service portals are also available from a PC using a standard web browser.

  • Administrator Web Services * – enables system administrators to set up and manage the NOVAtime solution according to company requirements.
  • Supervisor Web Services * – provides supervisors with real-time information and features that enable accurate and efficient labor management.
  • Employee Web Services ** – enables employees to access their own time and attendance information online.