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Florida's Premier Provider of Employee Management Solutions

Based out of Miami, FL, Timeworx is an authorized reseller of all NOVAtime products, providing labor management solutions that improve employee performance. At Timeworx, we consider ourselves experts on time, one of your business's most valuable resources. Regardless of your industry, focus, or company size, we have an expansive suite of programs that streamline administrative tasks such as scheduling, leave management, and payroll. Our advanced software solutions provide biometric, web-based, and card swipe time clocks that give you a variety of options to track your employee's productivity in real-time. We know you'll find our products are superior because we can provide a curated package of our services that fit your individual needs. You can trust that our methods of time and attendance management will significantly boost your organization's efficiency. With our platform's easy to use self-service portals, your employees can work where and when they need to while minimizing the reduction of managerial and supervisory efficiency.

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About NOVAtime

The Novatime Effect

Novatime is continually investing in the improvement of its features and functionalities, ensuring you always have state-of-the-art software to manage your workforce necessities. Novatime's top priority is increasing your productivity, which is why our platform is capable of integrating with third-party applications, such as payroll software, avoiding the need for a complete administrative overhaul. The robust features have fluid web interfaces that make it effortless for both employees and supervisors to make changes instantly and remotely. The Novatime dashboard is customizable, and deliberate consolidation makes it easy to access employee data, scheduling hours, attendance, and other vital information. Using Novatime's platform, you can create a workspace that's as unique as your organization.

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